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Fun Ways to Learn Spelling for Little Children

Education for little children involve fun ways to learn how to spell. New parents in particular will find it useful to employ holistic education in teaching their little ones how to spell as basis for effective communication in later life. Holistic development is so much better than traditional ways of educating young children.

Young parents often find it challenging in providing fun filled education when it comes to teaching kids spelling and making kids interested in learning the fundamentals of forming words at a later stage. They find teaching kids shapes to be a little easier than getting them to form words correctly.

Edutainment on the other hand is one of the best ways in making education fun and entertaining. Kids often times pay better attention when an Educharacter gets used to help them learn how to spell words. They have a good amount of experience and know how to teach little kid without making it seem to serious when words are being misspelled.

It takes a special kind of person who not only love working with kids, but know what it takes how to teach kids by making use of education programs for kids. Childhood education involves learning shapes and colors among other things. As spelling words can become a tedious and frustrating activity for young learners, it is important to find ways to making education fun for them.

There are several ways to get your child to look forward to spelling words that is worth investigating. After all, education in formative years forms the basis for your kids to become responsible citizens one day.

Some effective ways of getting your younger children to spell words properly include making use of puzzles as your child need to think about which letter they need to use that will have the correct spelling of the word.

An Educharacter often make use of word games in a classroom setup where they would say the word that needs spelling after which every child present must recite one letter of the word in a specific order. Once one of the children says the letter wrong when it is their turn, they need to sit out. Other ways would include spelling charades where you get to act out the word and the child who guessed it right must also spell the word.

Alphabetical blocks or even magnetic letters serves as excellent tools to help children with learning disabilities learn how to spell. Young parents will never have to run out of ideas on how to teach their kids to spell once they get to serve the internet for some fun ways to educate their children with.

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What Will Be Considered as the Ideal Educational World for Your Kids?

Just imagine what the perfect world of education would mean for your children. Letting your mind wander a bit to try and picture what it will be like might just open you up to exploring new ways of accomplishing the same. Wouldn’t it be nice if the school your child is going to integrated character development into every avenue they use for educating children.

Maybe if they used JEB and his magical friends, they will help all children to apply good moral values and concepts.

Features of the Perfect Education System

Getting your mind to wander on what the schooling system should be like will bring out the following distinguishing features:

 Everything in and around the school will be well organized to focus on sound relationships among school children

 The school will be seen as a caring community where learners get to bond with other children and teachers

 Emotional and social interaction will be the norm. This is what JEB and his imaginary friends stand for at all times

 Collaboration as well as cooperation will stand head above shoulders over competition.

 Values like respect, honesty and fairness will make up part of everyday teachings. JEB is an exemplary model of this

 All children will be delighted while feeling safe around others as they know everyone respects the same moral values

 Classroom management will focus on problem solving rather than focusing on a punishment and reward system for good or bad behavior.

 A new system will be in place where teachers and school children work together in order to establish unity and find workable solutions to a given problem in a democratic setting

Just imagine all of this was possible. JEB and friends go on to show that it is indeed achievable to get children from various backgrounds and ethnic groups to work together.

Good Moral Values Starts at Home

It is not impossible to build a community at school where everyone is caring and respectful towards one another. The fact of the matter is that it all starts at home. You could make use of JEB and friends to instill sound values in your children. They will play an active role in getting your child to develop good characteristics that will also set the perfect example for other children to follow.

JEB and friends have a host of very good ideals and sound principles that will rub of onto your child. This can be seen in the way they interact with each other and go on to practice sound moral values on a daily basis while having fun at the same time.

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The Various Benefits of Early Child Development

Young parents have come to realize the benefits of early child development when looking for ways on how to teach kids of theirs the proper way. Education for little children can take on many forms and often include making use of an Educharacter who serves as role model for kids to follow.

Edutainment provides younger children with fun ways to learn what there is to know about life and gives purpose and meaning where it matters most. Teaching kids shapes forms a crucial part of early child development as it gets them to become more successful in later years.

It has been proven that holistic education helps new parents to accelerate their child’s early holistic development as it responds and reflects so much better than conventional education would. Besides just learning shapes and colors like any other young child would, education in a holistic form helps children to look at life as a whole to understand other things as well.

The benefits from getting your child involved in early child development has a huge impact on family life and communities as a whole. Reduced dropouts are being experienced, improved academics, better productivity levels as an adult later on as well as high levels of emotional and social involvement.

Through making use of childhood education that focuses on fun filled education with the sole purpose of making education fun, parents soon see the importance of putting an emphasize on education in formative years. The best part is that there are several education programs for kids that make use of informative and exciting techniques showing you how to teach little kids.

In making kids interested in learning you not only help them to develop intellectually, but they will soon show improvement in their physical development as well as verbally with regards to better overall communication skills.

On top of this, early child development also have an impact on your child’s health and nutritional status while improving child-parent relationships. It will serve them well in their adult years as they will have higher intelligence and be able to increase their earning potential to become economically self sufficient.

Even in developing countries considerable improvements have been experienced where children were afforded the opportunity to be involved in early child development. It goes to show how important it is to start education at an early age while doing your best to do so in an informative and entertaining way.


The Role Exercise and Nutrition Plays in Your Little One’s Development

New parents are concerned about the well being of their kids, which is why they view holistic education as one of the best ways to develop their kids fully both mentally and physically. Conventional education does not always meet the expectations of young parents with regards to their kids educational needs.

Holistic development on the other hand will help prepare little ones for the many challenges they will face later on in life. Proper nutrition and exercise are strongly encouraged as a fundamental part of education for little children. Making use of an Educharacter who leads by example in showing kids some interesting ways to enjoy healthy foods is one way to get them to understand the importance of good nutrition.

Edutainment can be used to show kids fun ways to learn about fruit and vegetables. This can be done in helping kids learning shapes and colors as various fruits and veg comes in all shapes and sizes. Melons form the perfect circle while paw paw would be in an oval shape. Using a combination of different fruits including peaches would be a great way to teaching kids shapes and sizes.

Making kids interested in learning would also include involving them in various forms of exercise as part of childhood education. The ideal way to achieve this is through interrupting a theoretical session with brief periods of physical activity to help stimulate blood flow and to keep them interested in what is being said. Most humans including little ones have a very short attention span which is why we should look at ways of making education fun.

Education in formative years should definitely include education programs for kids where they get to learn all there is to know about nutrition and exercise and the role it plays in their development.

With the internet at your disposal it is easier than ever before to find the information you need on how to teach little kids about hygiene, nutrition and exercise while making if fun filled education at the same time. While it is not always the easiest thing how to teach kids to understand the importance of good nutrition it certainly is achievable through bringing an element of fun into it.

There are various ways to help you achieve this. In terms of exercise they need to be taken away from their video and computer games and encouraged to participate in fun activities that involves all sorts of indoor play while learning to get along with other children at the same time.

To keep their energy levels constant it would be a good idea to reward them with nutritious snacks in between instead of sugar filled treats. It will encourage younger children to form good habits at an early age that will serve them well in later years.

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Teaching Children to Celebrate and Value Diversity Education

While there are no guarantees that every single human on planet earth will value each other despite color, gender, age, religion, disability or nationality, it does not mean we shouldn’t try. Teaching our children to celebrate and value diversity is the first step in making it happen.

As humans we tend to be very competitive and always look for ways to be stronger, brighter and better off than others around us. Competitiveness has a greater impact on our lives than ever before in order to secure employment and even a bursary for a better education.

Animated characters like the bespectacled JEB will go on show children that it is okay to let other kids shine, which is pretty much what one of JEB’s good friends goes on to demonstrate by standing back and letting her friends shine in the process. There is an old saying that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.

These are the type of values that JEB and friends are hoping to instill in your children. The world will certainly be a much better place to live in once everyone makes it a habit to let others shine and not be too self-centered.

Taking Stock of What We are Teaching Our Children

Perhaps we need to re-evaluate and reflect on the way we are educating our children currently. This comes through in the media and curricula as well as various parenting education programs we are using to teach our kids.

Why not make use of animated characters like JEB to help instill good values within your kids and teaching them to get along with children from other nations and gender without putting too much emphasize on themselves.

This is why it would be good to take stock of what we are teaching our children to help them become good citizens one day. Another reason is for your kids to get accepted by other children as good friends. Who wants to be friends with someone that is self-centered and non caring?

JEB and friends can be used to promote a feeling of caring for other among your children. It will truly have a huge impact on their future and will lead to certain success as they will get the admiration and respect of others around them. This would include children from other races, religion and gender. It is after all what true friendship is all about which is what JEB and friends will help you accomplish when teaching your children.

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Making use of Good Old Fashion Techniques When Teaching Diversity

Who said that learning at school or at home is not fun. JEB as a four legged, long neck kid is a energetic and playful individual that is out to test the boundaries of this world, which involves dealing with diversity. He wants to show kids that education at a young age can be both fun and addictive.

Talking about addiction, we all know what an influence other kids can have on your child’s outlook on life. For instance, at a young age they would start getting involved in texting and looking at social media sites such as Facebook.

What happened to the good old fashioned teaching techniques that help children to deal with diversity and other important matters that will make better children out of them. The last thing you want is for your child to become a irresponsible teen that follows other teens bad addictive habits.

How JEB and Friends Instill Good Values

You might be surprised to learn that the good example JEB and his imaginary friends set for children will go on to teach them good values that will make you proud as parent.

With JEB and friends, several characters are being used to show kids what good traits they should focus on to make them stand out and get the admiration of both friends, family and teachers.

One such character might be a little vain, but the good in her comes out in that she lets her friends shine by inspiring them to go to greater lengths in achieving what they did not think possible.

Another friend of JEB’s has a soft and huge heart and shows determination in getting things done when it is needed most. This is surely the kind of quality you want your own child to develop as it will inspire other kids from various backgrounds and cultures to strive for the same.

JEB shows your kids how to enjoy reading books which is something that is hard to find these days with Twitter, Google Plus and other social media around. Through using JEB and friends you will soon bring back the love of reading to help develop important skills that include learning about people from different ethnic groups.

JEB is the perfect way to help teach your child to respect others and always look at the good in others no matter their background. Most importantly, characters like JEB takes the lead in helping your child be honest, fair and showing them how to develop good characteristics.

Letting Jeb Assist in Building Your Child’s Character

In order to strengthen the social fabric of both the community and schools there is a distinct need to instill positive attributes such as honesty, responsibility, respect, caring and integrity within children. Letting plush characters like Jeb assist you in building your child’s characters is a very good idea.

It is very clear that developing character in children is not something that can come from the classroom alone. To achieve the desired qualities that will help build character you need a strong character like Jeb to assist in bringing the best out of your child.

What Parents Can Do to Build Their Child’s Character

Parents can all bring their part in developing good characteristics within their children. There are various ways to accomplish this. They could engage with their children through book reading, game playing and through positive affirmation.

Another way is to do what Jeb does best. Set the right example by being honest, fair, trustworthy, compassionate, involved and respectful for the greater good of your child.

Just like one of Jeb’s imaginary friends, your child will mirror back to themselves what they see you doing. Your shining example will be just what they need to build good character.

Using the Right Tools When Building Character

One of the easiest ways to help your child build character is through using Jeb and friends. He is such a lovable and caring character that you could not help but to love him. Jeb is fun to be with but also wise in his ways. You cannot ask for a better role model for your child than him.

Jeb goes on to show that you need the right tools to help you accomplish the important task of building character in your child. Some of these include; Learning ABC’s with Jeb and Counting Fun with Jeb the Giraffe. These prove to be excellent tools in getting your child to develop his or her character.

Providing direct instruction while making it a fun thing to do will get your child to thrive and instill a willingness to learn, and apply positive characteristics that they would copy from lovable characters like Jeb and friends.

Story telling to teach moral lessons is another great tool that both parents and teachers can use when striving to instill good values in children. Stories of our lives as well as the world around us is an excellent way to attract your child’s attention.

Both Jeb and his imaginary friends do an excellent job of not only exploring the world, but also teaching children values. Is it any wonder that parents all over choose to make use of Jeb’s services.

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JEB Seen in Learning Centers for Kids

Learning centers are a great way to serve kids who have a variety of needs. You can be sure that JEB and friends will have a hand in helping to educate kids coming from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Come to think of it, kids come to school with their own strengths and weaknesses due to various factors such as either not having received the proper preparation or not being exposed to other children.

In cases like these it is up to the teacher to ensure each child gets to learn to the best of their ability. That was until JEB and learning centers got involved. These learning centers are not just about blocks used for playing, but they have set programs and tools that encourages interaction at various levels.

Just imagine how much faster learners progress will be if they should involve JEB and friends in the learning process at the various learning centers. It will certainly help teachers at these centers to help the kids involved move beyond the standard educational formats being used currently.

Meaningful Lessons for All Thanks to JEB

You can be sure that your child will receive meaningful instruction that will help them to stretch beyond the confines of ordinary education. All this thanks to JEB, the bespectacled Giraffe who is a kid himself, but with a whole new outlook on the meaning of life as he gets to explore the world out there.

JEB and friends go on to show kids how easy it is to be yourself yet also be respectful towards others at the same time. He teaches kids to think out of the box which is something that will be much appreciated by teachers at school.

Learning Centers Play Their Part in Developing Your Child

Make no mistake, learning centers have a huge impact on the development of your child. They make sure kids attending get divided into smaller groups that require minimal intervention from adults. They could always use JEB and friends to help instill good moral values and principles within each child in attendance.

What most of these learning centers have come to realize is that any kid’s attention span is very short. This is why they make use of 20 minute sessions when teaching their children. JEB agrees with their outlook in that you should not tire children out with overlong sessions to the point where they start losing interest.

Each session should be structured in such a way that you have their full attention. It makes perfect sense to make use of JEB and friends to help educate children coming to learning centers.

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JEB is Educational and Fun to be With

Lets get one thing clear about JEB. He is a character educator and he is fun to be with. His aim is to help shape the character of your child, but without making it seem too serious. Children like copying what they see. They model the behavior of their teachers, custodians, bus driver, and most of all their parents.

You can see it in the way they walk, the way they would talk, and in their deeds. We need to ask ourselves if this is the kind of influence we want for our children? This is why it would be great to make use of JEB as an educational fun character that teaches values and good ethics among other things.

The Definition of Character Education

Everything you or others around you do or not do influences the character of your child. To help define it better, character education can be seen as the deliberate effort to help others understand (including children), act upon and care about core ethical values.

JEB as bespectacled Giraffe is exactly what the educational doctor ordered to instill core values within your child. After all, you want your child to make sound decisions and learn to judge what is right. Even though his or her friends tell them differently.

This would involve developmental processes such as
knowledge, feelings as well as action. JEB will help your child engage in activities that will make them think about ethical and moral values which in turn will inspire them in becoming committed with regards to implementing these.

How Do You Instill Good Values in Your Children?

Depending on your desired outcome with regards to your children, simply telling your kids that they need to do as they are told will not help to build their character. Taking this approach will not cut it as it merely leads to a bunch of rules where the child either gets rewarded or punished for the kind of behavior they display. It does not really do anything that will influence the child’s underlying character.

There is a solution at hand and it takes the form of your child’s favorite educational character in the form of JEB and his magical friends. Not only will JEB help your child to become an independent thinker, but they will also learn to apply good moral values in their life and do the right thing under challenging conditions.

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Learning Through Entertainment by JEB

There are various fun ways for kids of various age groups to learn what they need to know about arts, crafts, maths and reading. Learning through entertainment by JEB is a great way to get those creative juices flowing. This can easily be achieved by getting kids involved in the world of color.

Just think of all the wonderful colors your kids can experiment with. There are an array of colors such as green, blue, yellow, black, brown, red, orange, and more that kids can use to create all kinds of artwork that will be admired by many.

JEB knows how to entertain through using various types of very colorful plush toys, book bags, posters, T-shirts and more…

In reality it is all about helping your child discover who they are as a kid through using a variety of activities and entertaining equipment to help bring out the creative, fun loving side of their personality as a child. This is where the magic comes into play.

Group Learning Brings Out the Best in Your Child

It is clear from the aforementioned that your child needs to explore the world of color while learning to interact closely with others in a group environment. This is what JEB hopes to achieve. He will show your kids how to have fun while filling their minds with positive thoughts simultaneously.

Group learning will foster social skills, teach your child to cooperate, promote group processing and encourage team building in more ways than one. JEB and friends have an arsenal of entertaining tools to help your child become the kind of person that everyone admires and want to be with.

How to Incorporate Group Learning with Home Schooling

As a treat parents could make use of JEB and his imaginary friends to entertain a group of kids who make use of home schooling as part of their education program.

It might be an idea to meet with other parents of kids who are being home schooled and get them to agree to a get together of all kids who are being educated using home schooling.

The learning groups can be kept to a minimum of say 4 to 5 kids to ensure positive interaction and a measure of control as larger groups can get out of hand. JEB and friends will ensure they get thoroughly entertained in a fun, exciting and interactive way. This can be accomplished though various means such as CDs, books, plush toys, art packs, crayons, etc.